About Galielli

Galielli.com  is an online store that sells bags, dresses, sweaters and cardigans for fashionable and stylish women. 

Our goal is to unify different fashion cultures around the world in one place with the purpose of influencing people to diversify what they wear every day with latest trends.

Galielli was born in Puerto Rico from the idea of ​​finding a place where anyone can get fashion clothes from different cultures in one place no matter where you live. The eccentric and contemporary taste for clothing was the trigger to emerge in the online fashion industry. Today we are developing commercially to reach the goal and fulfill this dream for the global future generations.

Galielli Atypical Name 

The name Galielli was mentally made up. However, after doing research the name was found to be composed of two words and both from Hebrew origin. Gali means: fountain, wave and Elli means: light, God.